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We have made a secure plugins for WordPress that you liked, is an accountant of visits to your website and you can optionally display a message about cookies (according to the Law).

Fully responsive and configurable.

Test it, available from your WordPress installation or downloaded from WordPress plugin Counter ECL






You can use it as a Widget or using a shortcode.

The shortcode is [counter_ecl]. There are several attributes that change shape.

the attributes: format, background, color, size, align, type, container, float, display3d, separate, animate, duration and topfix.


format = "true" o "false" .Set whether the counter takes numerical format or not.

background = “green”, “blue”, “yellow”, “red”, “white”, “dark” or “default”. Sets the background color.

color = “green”, “blue”, “yellow”, “red”, “white”, “dark” or “default”. Sets the text color o label color.

size = "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6" or "p". Sets the text size.

align = "right", "left", "center" or "justify". Sets the text align.

type = "text", "label" or "badge". Sets the type counter.

container = "list", "panel" or "none". Sets the type container.

float = "left", "right" or "none". Sets the align container.

display3d = “true” or “false”. 3D displays the counter.

separate = “true” or “false”. Displays counter with separate numbers.

animate = “none”, “mov”, “hide”, “fade” or “slide”. Sets the animation to new visitors counter.

duration = “250” o “500” or “1000”. Sets the duration of the animation. It can be any number in milliseconds.

 topfix = “0” o “10” or “-10”. Sets the height of the counter within its container. This is to adjust some CSS.



 [counter_ecl format="true" size="3" type="label"]


 [counter_ecl container="list" background="green"]


 [counter_ecl container="panel" background="red" float="right"]



[counter_ecl float="right" type="label" color="red" separate="true" display3d="true" animate="mov"]