Dear Clients, due to the recent events caused by the Coronavirus we change our hours from 10:00 to 14:00 from Monday to Friday for security reasons, for any questions we leave the following telephone numbers at your disposal:

637857820  --- Maria ( Comercial )

637857822  --- Enrique ( Tecnical )

661956165  -- Shop


Infocerda S.L.

It was born in 1999 and is constituted as a company of Sale and Computer Services for Companies and Individuals.

Since then and until now we have been expanding both our products and services.

The latest additions we have in mobile telephony, specifically with the SmartPhone range, this serves as a purpose for its use as such and also as hospitality terminals, our software adapts and works perfectly with them.

We have a programming department, specialized in native applications in operating systems such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android and IOS. We give you software and hardware solutions in your company. All in one, or as they say with turnkey.

puntod Informatica

We are PuntoD Informatica with which we guarantee good prices on all our products, in addition to offering you a monthly catalog with many offers that you will surely like.


We are also Wiko Distributors or FanShooop point! so that your Wiko SmartPhone will have all the preferences when it comes to managing any incident you have with it.




Professional Technical Service

In our facilities we have qualified technical personnel and all the necessary technology to repair your Desktop, Laptops, Servers, Smatphone, Tablets, Printers ... Ask us for a repair budget.

Unlimited Connectivity, IP Services ...

The world of communications through the Internet opens up a wide range of possibilities.

Connect your home with your business and even from anywhere in the world.

Multitude of solutions and services through Internet.

Ask us, we advise you ...


Since its inception we support and monitor computer facilities for proper operation.

We have a wide range of maintenance contracts so that you adapt to the one you are most interested in or need.

We give you the remote or on-site support according to the needs and types of breakdowns.

POS Hospitality and Commerce

We have a Full Range of POS to cover all your business needs.

Our own manufacturing software sure will do everything you need, with the possibility of being able to

expand it.

Telefonia, PDA Hospitality ...

We have a wide range of SmartPhone that will surely do all the work you need, in addition to very affordable prices.

We also have repair service.

With our software we adapt any SmartPhone so you can work with it and thus be faster and


Ask us, we advise you ...

Video surveillance

We have a wide range of cameras and recording devices that keep everything that happens in your business, you can also see it in real time through your SmartPhone, Laptop, Tablet, etc.

Business Servers and Professional Teams

We have a wide range of Servers and Professional Teams for daily work.

We customize the equipment that you will need based on your needs, for this we make a completely free study.

We adjust the performance of the equipment so that you do not fall short or long in your daily work.

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OSx and Linux

We specialize in Windows, Mac OSx and Linux Operating Systems, both at the client level (Desktop) and at the server level (Services).

Consult our integral solutions in any of these systems.

We also repair any software or hardware problems you have with these operating systems.

Remote Assistance


Winter Schedule (September 7 to June 18)

--------------------Morning                     Late

Monday            9:30 a 14:00       17:00 a 20:30

Tuesday          9:30 a 14:00        17:00 a 20:30

Wednesday      9:30 a 14:00       17:00 a 20:30

Thursday          9:30 a 14:00       17:00 a 20:30

Friday              9:30 a 14:00        17:00 a 20:30

Saturday          9:30 a 14:00


Summer Schedule (June 19 to September 6)

--------------------Morning                     Late

Monday            9:30 a 14:00        17:30 a 21:00

Tuesday          9:30 a 14:00        17:30 a 21:00

Wednesday      9:30 a 14:00        17:30 a 21:00

Thursday          9:30 a 14:00        17:30 a 21:00

Friday              9:30 a 14:00        17:30 a 21:00

Saturday          9:30 a 14:00